Hello World!


Hello y’all,

WARNING I can be a bad at spelling, punctuation and writing in general. My apologies ahead of time and I will do my best to minimize the grammatical errors.

Hi everyone from this blog forward y’all can all me “Paradise.” I am here to share a bit of my life and thought as I expect you to share yours. I am human, I’ve made my share of mistakes and will continue to make them. I understand that my actions have consequences. I believe in Karma. I believe in the possible and the impossible. I believe in miracles. I can be a bit religious. I believe life and people are a contradiction. I still believe in fairy tales, true love and happy ever after (I know! I know! what a cliché another female writing about love) I’m not just going to write about love I’m going to write about sin, betrayal, loyalty, sex, goal, dreams, persistance, math, science, politics and other stuff that I won’t type because the list will go to infinity (see some math). I have various topic to write about, but it will mostly be about life.

Let’s get blogging!

Welcome to my World!


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